About Me

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Who Am I?

Hello, I'm Dale Conboy. Currently I'm a San Francisco Bay Area based web developer with large affinities for music, drums, and soccer. As a California native and resident my entire life I'm extremely hard pressed to imagine living elsewhere. A Bay Area resident since 2000, I'm pretty sure I've found one of the best places in the world to set up shop, put down roots and enjoy life.

An Artist at Heart

From a very early age I have always been fascinated with creativity, building, and tearing things apart to see what makes them work. As a kid, I can distinctly recall the graveyard of toys that did not go back together as easily as they came apart. As I grew older I began to learn more and the graveyard of failed reconstructions grew smaller while my creative drive led me to drawing and illustration.

It must have been fourth grade or so when my love of drawing and art in general began to shine and eventually it led me through high school, and into college where I majored in studio art. Today, my years of being an artist have instilled in me some great values and attributes that I am very proud to possess. Most namely, a keen eye for detail, a solid work ethic, and an unending yearning for perfection.

A Fascination With Technology

My first computer was a Commodore 64. I still have it. It sits in the original box buried in my dad's garage somewhere. This brown machine with the even browner buttons was my introduction to what would eventually become one of my biggest fascinations and most useful tools in my personal and professional career.

Fast forward to the age of the internet and I quickly developed an interest in web design. Initially taking a back seat to my focus on graphic design and traditional art, my web and programming skill-sets slowly but surely evolved over the years. Eventually I decided to get serious with it and pulled myself out of the traditional graphic design industry and transplanted myself into the world of front end web development, website design and online marketing. To this day I enjoy development just as much as traditional design.