Code Examples

Rotating Billboard Gallery

Emulate a rotating billboard with CSS 3D transforms, perspective and javascript

I was thinking about those billboards that loop through three different images by rotating traingular slats and thought it would be a good thing to translate to the web. By using CSS 3d transforms, transitions, perspective and a little bit of javascript it is possible to produce a pretty good facsimile.

Auto Slide Show

PHP and Javascript based continuous image swapper

This small widget of sorts uses a PHP class to iterate through a directory filled with images to grab file names and image size in order to build HTML img tags. From there, CSS transitions and javascript are used to handle the fade-in, fade-out effects.

Google Analytics UTMZ Cookie Parser

Capture and record referral and keyword information from Google's utmz cookie

This script is handy for grabbing the referral, keyword and campaign information from Google's utmz cookie. Once you have the information, you can then feed it to your CRM, database or do whatever cool things you can dream up.